Love at first sight

Best video status is the website which provide you Love at first sight video status according to your mood, here you will find one of the trending status videos of new songs, whether they are Hollywood or Bollywood or Tollywood (south). Love at first sight are only those which are most likable on YouTube. Here you can download 30 to 50 seconds videos of those trending videos. So just choose video according to your mood and if you like it then just click on the download button. When two opposite gender get attracted to each other then they fell in love and this can be said as Love at first sight. In their first meeting or in their first eye contact.

Most of the time when two immature personality look each other and found an attraction. And they just fell in love with each other in there first meet. But if we talk about mature persons, they take time to fell in love. They just not get so much involved in their first meet, Yes they do get attracted towards one and another but they don’t show it as much the immature beings do, And if they do they do it like this.

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And now you will see how lover of a boy enters in his marriage. And he saw suddenly that his crush is standing in front of him. After watching his crush who is standing there. He said no to the other girl which is going to be the wife of the boy and stand up from the ceremony. When the brother of the fiance found that he denied the marriage with his sister. He punches the boy and then marriage become a fight arena.

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In this video you will see that a guy saw a girl in the road. Just only by watching her he fell in love with her and slides his car in the front of the girl car and the girl get afraid by it.

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