Parmish Verma Status

"Parmish Verma Standing their"

Parmish Verma Status

Do you love punjabi songs then definitely you know who Permish Verma is? and that is why you are searching for Parmish Verma Status. He is one of the most popular youth star in India right now. The name has became a brand now and he is youth sensation here. But he is not from any star family. He comes from a normal family like we all are. He share his life story in so many interviews and events. One of his first YouTube video was in his own story click here to watch.

How He Became Famous?

While working in Canada Parmish thought that their is maybe something else that i really need to do. Something that passionate me which i would do for free. And he found that their is a thing and that is writing so he starts writing poems, songs, script, etc. While he found that people actually love and appreciate what he writes. Then he take a big decision and went back to india. After reaching India he found that mumbai is the place where he could change his life. Slowly he starts taking side role in video songs. When people starts appreciate him then he start doing video songs in which singer and actor played by him.

Then slowly slowly things starts to change and he became a star in very less amount of time. Some think this is an overnight success but when he reveals his story to everyone. Then their will be no person who can say that this is an overnight success.

Why he is so famous?

He is one of the popular Punjabi singer right now. He not only have a good voice but his personality makes him even more irresistible. He is among first guys who bring beard fashion in India. While everybody wants a clean shave he go for full beard look and just rock with that. If you have decent look with a great voice then what else do anyone need?

The love of youth towards Parmish can be scene as when his concert happens in anywhere in India. The volume of crowd shows how much they love him. His most famous songs are Aa le chak me aa gya, Shada,Sab fade jange, etc. Now as we all know he became famous so he started working as a actor in punjabi movies his one of the best movies are rocky mental, singham, Dil diyan Gallan, etc.

For Some funny video status click here

What will you find here?

Here you will find Parmish Verma Status with download link. So you just have to download the video and then you can share it where ever you want to post it. Weather you can post in your whatsapp status, or instagram status or facebook status. We will provide you every single short video of parmish verma which you find on YouTube.

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Love and care towards his Girlfriend
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Ye Dosti hum nahi todenge
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When Parmish gets Angry

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Tries to impress a girl through chating
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