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 "Telugu Whatsapp Status Video" A boy and a Girl stairing each others eyes trees are behind them, the boy is wearing green and girl is wearing red.

Telugu Whatsapp Status Video

We all are very familiar with Telugu Movies and want to post Telugu Whatsapp Status Video. On our whatsapp status or facebook status or on other social media platforms as well. Telugu Movies are basically South indian movies but now-a-days it is rocking in whole India. Sometimes out of India also. And I am not from south india but still i love those movies.

And here you are going to find some of the most watched Telugu Whatsapp Status Video on YouTube. The plus point is here you can download the video in short amount of time. Status videos of most popular Moives of telugu are here you just have to do one thing just click on the download button which is down from the video.

Telugu Movies Status

Now Let’s talk about some Telugu Movies and history of telugu movies. If we talk about Telugu film industry then the first movie of telugu industry was Bhishma Pratigna. It was released in 1921 and it was a silent movie. After that slowly the Telugu cinema started growing and then now the cinema is at this position that some of the movies become world wide blockbusters.

Telugu Movie stars

If we talk about the celebrities of Telugu movies then the most admired star is Chiranjeevi. He is one of the earlier superstar of Telugu movies. Until now he played main character role in so many movies. Now if we talk about other superstars then their are so many new personalities which starts rulling the cinema industry. Some of them are Allu Arjun, Mahesh Babu, Pawan Kalyan,  N.T. Rama Rao Jr., etc.

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We have Status videos of all these superstars which you can download easily from our website. And after downloading it you just have to click on the whatsapp status option in your whatsapp application and then post it through one click. you will find here Telugu movie status, Telugu love status, Telugu Romantic status, and other videos as well. Every time when you open your whatsapp application you will definitely watch out other person’s whatsapp status that what he or she had uploaded. And everyone has something special to share with people and now its time for yours to share what only you have in your phone. And that is trending Telugu status video for whatsapp.

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telugu whatsapp status video songs

In these videos which are below this line are telugu whatsapp status video songs. You can also download them if you want to just click on the download button and enjoy. This video which is below the paragraph is one of the most famous videos that have been watched on YouTube.

telugu whatsapp status video songs are in trending now-a-days. You can watch them on youtube but you can’t download it there and here you can download it also by just clicking on the downlaod button.

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telugu whatsapp status video downloading

In this video the vijay is thinking about his lover married to him and he is attending his wedding. He is watching his girlfriend from the roof of his house. These videos are some of the most viewed and liked videos on YouTube. As usual the very handsome vijay is looking stunning in the wedding dress and so his girlfriend also. He just can’t control himself and keep staring his girlfriend who is going to be his wife today. This is one of the best Romantic movies of Tamil which create huge fan base in north side and all over the india. Also there is download button to help telugu whatsapp status video downloading.

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telugu whatsapp status video online

This is short video of very famous love movie which is in telugu language. telugu whatsapp status video online are very high in demand and you can download it from here just by clicking on the download button.

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